Shahada - A Society For Uniting Children with Parents

A Registered Charitable Organization in Canada


Shahada - A Child Empowerment Society

A Provincially Registered NGO in Pakistan


There are areas of the world today in which the life of an unwed mother is intolerable.  Without access to orphanages, desperate mothers are left with no choice but to do the unthinkable.  One of Shahada’s primary goals is to provide orphanages in these areas and give these mothers another choice..

Help us to save abandoned newborns.

Together we can give these babies life and love.

For a number of years we have supported an orphanage in Gilgit,  Pakistan which housed and cared for abandoned babies and facilitated international adoptions.  Now it is time to start something new.

Our current projects in Chitral include:

Maternity Care, Hostel & Orphanage

Queen Academy